Emergency nap kit

We’ve all found ourselves in a dangerous state of drowsiness, half dreaming half awake, unable to function properly, just a couple more weary blinks away from falling helplessly into a deep slumber. Whether you’re sat at your desk or behind the wheel, sometimes you need to just stop what you’re doing and catch up on some quality sleep. You need the Emergency Nap Kit.

Originally designed in Japan with the intention of people using them whilst stranded during an earthquake (of course, just have a niiice relaxing nap while the very fabric of your world crumbles around you), this essential piece of kit allows you to catch a precious 40 winks at a moments notice.

We appreciate that there isn’t always a couple of opportune palm trees nearby, so rather than a hammock this impromptu pack includes a comfortable inflatable mattress for you to rest your weary head. Better still, instead of a cosy blanket that you’ll never want to take off, the kit contains a full-length sleeping suit so you can prolong those warm fuzzy feelings long after your nap.

Please Note:
Contrary to his ghostly complexion, the model isn’t dead, or at least he wasn’t when we took those photos
Product Features:
Catch some much-needed Z’s at a moment’s notice
Comfy inflatable plastic mattress
Full-length sleeping suit (one size fits most)
Measures approximately 23cm(W) x 32cm(H) x 14cm(D)


Coolest sheds in the world



1 |ʃɛd|
2 noun
3 a simple roofed structure, typically made of wood or metal, used as a storage space, a shelter for animals, or a workshop. A larger structure, typically with one or more sides open, for storing or maintaining vehicles or other machinery
a shed is required for the three shunt engines


Bottled water improved

We all carry a water bottle with us — and if we don’t, we should — but unless your bag has a dedicated bottle pocket, odds are it just doesn’t fit that well. But what if your bottle was designed like something your bag already holds, like a notebook? That’s the idea behind the Memobottle. Available in three sizes — Letter, A4, and A5 — these bottles are designed to fit in your bag alongside your books, laptops, tablets, and other rectangle-y things, and hold between 750ml to 1.25L of water. Best of all, they help keep plastic bottles out of landfills, since their dishwasher-safe, BPA-free Tritan construction lets them be reused over and over again.

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