What is the best response to I love you?

This is happening for more than a year now. I am talking about numbers with my son.

Whenever my 4 year old son says “I love you”, I ask him back “How much?”.
And he replies with the largest number he knows or understands.

It started with 2, 3, 10, 20…
The answer stayed at 42 for a few days… and now he always replies: TRILLIONS.

Still to reach: INFINITY


Just one nice thing

There is one little  6-year-old girl called Beatrix who has many unique and endearing qualities. But, one of the special ones is this: With almost everyone she meets, she will notice and pick out one thing she likes and then tell them.

“I like your dress.”

“That’s a pretty necklace you’re wearing”

“You have a nice smile.”

“You are very handsome.”

People are always delighted, completely disarmed by the perceptiveness and charm of a six year old. One who always finds something nice to say about everyone.

She does this on her own and without prompting from anyone. It is not something  explicitly or implicitly taught to her to do. Nor does she sees anyone do it with such frequency. Especially not with complete strangers or during transactional interactions (i.e store clerks, wait staff, etc.) as she almost always does. It’s just who she is.

It has occurred to me how much better everything might be if we all found one thing with everyone we meet and said something nice about it or them. Even (or especially) those times it is most hard to find something. For instance, someone we disagree with or someone we don’t particularly like.

It also has occurred to me that, in order to practice this regularly one must be fully present in their encounters. You can’t pay partial attention to the checkout person while rustling for your credit cards. You have to be fully present with them to notice the nice earrings they are wearing or the spectacular color of thier eyes. And, if you are more present with everyone you meet, you are also more present in that moment with yourself.

That said, I aim to take a lesson from this little girl and do so more often. Not just to make the world a bit better and someone else’s day a bit better but at the same time to make myself a bit better too.