One million in the bank

This happened to a girl back in the late 90’s so I don’t know if it still applies, but she said one day she received a telephone call from her bank asking her to come to a particular branch that she was not familiar with.

She was anxious about it, because she was sure it would be bad news since she had likely bounced some checks due to her poverty. She arrived at the posh bank with swanky marble floors and sky-high columns and shiny brass fixtures, and suddenly several “bankers” in suits “rose from their desks” to greet her and shake her hand. She was led into a side office and plopped down in a plush leather arm chair opposite a big fancy mahogany desk.

It turns out her old childhood friend had just deposited a million dollars in her name after a recent conversation wherein she had lamented to him that she was eating cat food in order to save the better food for her young daughter.

I met her about two or three years after this had happened; she was dating my business partner. She said it was “surreal.” By this time she and her daughter were living entirely off the dividends from the investment of the money, “about $80,000 per year.”



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