Should I cut off ties to my kid, a professional criminal, forever?

This is a TRUE piece of text written by someone. No modifications.

My kid graduated with a useless 4 year university degree. Could not get a decent paying well job, so ended up with fast, easy money with professional criminals. My kid was released from being kidnapped recently, I couldn’t unsure whether I could report for safety sake. I almost had a heart attack, my boss at work said my performance was horrific during the time. My kid has been released recently and is still earning $ with the same people. I am the only parent, but I can’t take my kid anymore. I want to cut my kid off from my life forever, I cant handle the stress of it anymore I’m gonna have a mental breakdown, otherwise I’ll have a heart attack, lose my job or worse.


I feel for you. I was that kid. My mom cut me off until I “straightened up” she changed her phone number, door locks and all that. Both my mom and dad cut me off completely.

Best. Lesson. Ever.

After I was cut off boy I grew up fast. I thought I could handle all my drama on my own and I’d show them.

I eventually grew up, got tired of hanging with losers and their drama and “straightened up”

I am now a very successful adult with 2 kids, a college degree I use and a great job. Once I decided to straighten up my parents would give me advice but they made me do all the hard work.

Sometimes cutting them off is the most loving thing you can do.



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