Every US president is related

Yes, every President is related, except one, and it is not who most people guess.

How the Work of a 12-Year-Old Girl Uncovered a Historical Oddity

It started with an American 12-year-old girl’s desire to trace her own heritage back to France. Along the way, she discovered that every single US President (except Martin Van Buren) are relatively closely related to just one man.

Meet BridgeAnne d’Avignon a gifted seventh grade student at Monte Vista School in Watsonville California. Prior to her work, genealogists only marginally associated about 19 US presidents as “distantly” related. She has created an amazing poster available at her website: http://weareallrelated.com/.

Her work started when she was just 10 years old when she discovered her Grandfather’s genealogy software and challenged herself with a simple question: “How many US Presidents are related?” The answer was an astounding coincidence.

Academic genealogists were more than shocked to discover that this association was in the historical record and overlooked by thousands of researchers. One of the secrets to BridgeAnne’s work was to trace the genealogy of both parents. She was not sure where the journey would lead her to, but pushed on for over two years of research.

Every US President Is Part of One Bloodline

The distant grandfather to all US presidents (except Van Buren) is King John “Lackland” Plantagenet. The very same King John that was the antagonist to the Robin Hood story.

Not Part of Robin Hood’s Family

Born in December 24, 1166, King John has indirectly supplied all US presidents (again, except Van Buren). King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215, however, he never complied with its conditions and was known for his pettiness, spitefulness, and cruelty that helped give rise to the Robin Hood legends.

Beyond the work of now expert genealogy researcher BridgeAnne, dig just a little deeper and we find that Emperor Charlemagne is the root of just about all the leaders in Europe and the Middle East.

Data Is Useless Without Wisdom

The age of the Internet yields a great deal of information democratically to everyone connected. Data is useless without insights. Clearly we are awash with endless data and profoundly less empirical insights. It takes the work of great researchers, doing amazing work drawing perhaps unexpected insights to make sense of data.

This is the basis of wisdom and sometimes wisdom comes from unexpected places and can be found in a 12-year-old girl.


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