Sharing parking spaces

The French start-up Zenpark has just launched the first service of parking spaces sharing in France.

The idea is great and costs almost nothing to implement. Simply register online with Zenpark and wait to receive a personal remote control that will allow access to various partner parkings, whether public or private.


To increase the availability of parkings, the company talks with administrations, hotels, companies that know their availability of parking and can therefore easily rent them to Zenpark. In Paris, a half-dozen car parks are already available.

The service was inaugurated on January 29th in Strasbourg and Paris and will spread to other urban areas of France … According to Zenpark, looking for a parking space is responsible for 30% of the car traffic in European cities, and 20% of the CO2 emissions!

Registration is free and a deposit of € 29 is required to send the remote. For the launch of the offer, the subscription price is 20 € / month for 5 days per week regardless of the parking location. Spaces are available for day (9h to 19h) or night time (19h30 to 8h30) or even the weekend.

You must reserve a space in advance, then open the door with the remote and park in one of the Zenpark reserved space. A win-win situation: drivers benefit from an increased availability of parking spaces at an affordable price, parking owners make money, and cities have more space in the streets!



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